5 Reasons You Should Learn to Code Even If You Don’t Plan On Becoming A Programmer
Here’s why you should learn to code:

“To learn how to program or be programmed? That is my question.”
William Shakespeare, 21st century.

1. You can build early prototypes.

The best technology-driven startups have a “Show Me” mentality at all levels of the company. If you have the talent to turn your great idea into a working prototype, this significantly increases the likelihood that it will become a reality.

2.You’ll better understand product development.

When you’ll plan a new feature launch, you’ll be able to accurately estimate how long it will take to build. If something breaks on your site, you’ll be able to dig into the code and search for an answer. It’ll take you much time and practice before building any independent part of your product, but if you’ll get stranded in Techlandia for a couple days, you’d know enough coding to navigate around town and keep out of danger.

3.Learning to code is also great practice for precise, disciplined, and abstract thinking.

A program either works, or it doesn’t. It could have bugs, straightforward or subtle, that require analysis and concentration.

4. Programming transforms your computer from a home appliance to a power tool.

Whether you have an office job, are a student, or just go online a lot, people use computers to get stuff done. Even without deep programming knowledge, coding becomes a large productivity multiplier. Computers are everywhere; they should be tools, not appliances. A tool is something you sharpen, an appliance is something you replace.

5.Learning to program is great practice for learning itself.

Professional software developers use Google daily to answer questions or find documentation for their work. During the course of coding you will come up with several questions that will require you to seek out an answer. Learning to code involves learning how to find real help for yourself.

There are plenty of skills people can learn to become well-rounded human beings: Playing an instrument, public speaking, growing plants, babysitting, running a marathon, etc.

But to learn to code is unique among these skills. Programming is a practical skill on a tool you already use every day. Learning it provides abundant intellectual hurdles to train your brain.

That is why you should seriously learn to program.Learn to Code