Coding Bootcamp vs. a Coding Degree: Choosing the Right Option for You

In today’s world, bringing your ideas to life has become a real possibility. Coding is as basic a language as English in order to work, create, and live the life you want. Whether you want to create your own idea, develop into product management, develop as a marketing unicorn, or simply get a new skill, simply learn to code. Coding gives you the ability to develop your own ideas, develop your professional path, and even gives you the skills to fulfil your passion. What is the best option to achieve this? With all the different coding programs out there, how do you find the route that is most suitable for you?

Coding Bootcamps Offer More Bang For Your Buck

In choosing the best option for you, it is important to understand that you are investing in your future. In acquiring new skills, get to know what industry you are getting into. For instance, did you know that the computer programmer earns $77,550 per year? Not too shabby. With this median salary, you can rest assured that your investment in your education will literally pay off, regardless of the the learning path that you choose.

Education is a path to better yourself and it does come at a price. But the fact that computer programmers earn high salaries makes this an investment that is plausible and even practical. In fact, bootcamp graduates saw an average 44% increase in their average yearly incomeafter completing a program. What a huge result to see after a mere 3 months of immersion study.

Of course, you are making an investment in yourself by enrolling in a course or degree program, but there’s no reason to go broke over it. With a bootcamp course, save your time and your hard earned money by investing in yourself. Taking this step shouldn’t make you feel regret in your bank account, it should feel like a necessary step towards your future.

Access to Connections in the Industry

Learning to code can be either the basis or core of your professional development.  According to Stack Overflow there are many possible routes you can take once you know to code.

When it comes to understanding the market as a whole, coding bootcamp exposes you to the most current and exciting companies and developments, to make sure you enter the workforce tech savvy, and ready to absorb and understand all that will be thrown at you.Having credentials to work as a coder offers you a multitude of options. Take a look at this graph provided by Stack Overflow of all the different ways in which you can use your coding knowledge and the percentage of people working in each job.

As you can see, there is a large variety of options to use your coding knowledge. When it comes to starting the job search, it can be scary and any advantages that you have can greatly assist you in your search. Many bootcamps have the added bonus of bringing in industry experts to inspire and motivate students.

Our coding bootcamp, for example, offers weekly talks by industry experts to to connect students to the industry. Learning to code in a startup environment, gives you the tools to understand how you see yourself developing, what you should learn, and even get a chance to get professional feedback, practice interviews, and more. Sascha David, a current student at Elevation Academy discusses the benefits he’s felt in the bootcamp.

“We are continuously having very informative talks from some very inspiring people which only aids in your thought process and opens up your eyes further.  To top it off you always have an independent mentor on hand to help guide you as well whose experiences are invaluable if you tap into them”

Fiverr Speaks at Elevation Academy Coding Bootcamp
The Fiverr Team sharing their insights with our Coding Bootcamp students

Coding is part of an ecosystem. In understanding which option is best for you, get to know the ecosystem as whole, find out what leading startups, companies, innovation centres, VCs are saying and doing, and understand what option is best for you, what excites you most.

Coding Bootcamp Values Your Time

Let’s talk code. Use the shortest path algorithm to find the best route for you to become a programmer or learn to code. In a fast paced environment, where new coding languages are developed daily, time is of the essence. Coding Bootcamp gives you the privilege of completely immersing yourself in the field of coding in a short time so that you can get a quicker and higher return on investment.

Elevation Academy's Coding Bootcamp students presenting their 1st hackathon web applications
Elevation Academy’s Coding Bootcamp students presenting their 1st hackathon web applications

When it comes to learning, everyone prefers a different method. Some like to dive in completely, some prefer to slowly get their feet wet, some are visual, some are auditory. But when it comes to immersion learning, this proven learning technique is highly successful across the board. Coding bootcamps offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in your desired profession for three full months. For those who prefer to learn slowly, one step at a time, a four year degree might be the better fit. While degree courses mean juggling a full course load and shifting your time and thought process between courses, bootcamps uniquely let you dive into coding fully and focus your energy on learning from the best that the industry has to offer.

By investing your time in an immersion course rather than breaking up the knowledge into a lengthy degree process, you get the feeling of knowing the coding profession from the inside. Each student learns at his or her own pace, so this disparity between the two options is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to finding the right path to begin your coding career. One thing is for certain: the sooner you make the leap to learning the quality skills that you need, the sooner you will be able to start your professional coding career.

Clearly, coding is a great field that offers nothing but open possibilities. There are hackathons for students to compete in and enjoy, competitive salaries, and a high demand for talent. Finding the best route in which to enter this profession is a personal process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But should you find yourself looking into a bootcamp, we’ve got you covered! Jasmin, our admissions officer would love to hear from you at for a free consultation!