How I got my dream job at Wix through Elevation Academy

It all started three years ago, I had finished high school and was fully determined that I didn’t want to go study straight away. So I booked a flight ticket to Australia and started my journey in a rapid and interesting way. I spent four incredible months traveling Australia and New Zealand.

My second year off

I came home, back to Sweden and found myself confused about my upcoming future. After considering pros and cons I decided to go travel in Central and South America. A few months later I found myself on an island outside of Honduras called Utila, where I mainly focused on scuba diving. The journey continued for five months through Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

Once again I found myself back home in a cross road, dealing with my life decisions. Should I go study at the university or potentially take another year of to explore the world? I had a job back home at a five-star hotel who wanted me to stay, and a mom who told me “if you’re doing another year of traveling, you’re going to Israel to explore your background”.

Starting my Masa-Tlalim process

After a lot of phone sessions with different programs of Masa, I found myself confused and not really convinced on any of the options. Volunteering, ulpan or teaching English? None of it really got me hooked. Then suddenly I got an email telling me about this program where I’ll be learning Digital Marketing through industry experts for 10 weeks and 8 weeks of internship.

Back then I didn’t know what an amazing experience I had in front of me. The only thing that convinced me was that the program was located in Tel Aviv and that I hopefully could get some creative and useful skills out from the program. I applied and booked my one-way ticket to Israel.

One month later I was on my way back to Israel. Back to the country where my father was born, where I was hoping to discover some of my Jewish roots and background. The sun was gazing and the air was humid. I arrived at the apartment the program set us up with. It was in the Old North of Tel Aviv. We were seven people in my apartment and I got to share a room with an American girl named Arielle. She was cute and we bonded straight away.

Kick off with Elevation Academy

After a week of activities with the program, my course in Digital Marketing was finally about to kick off. We arrived at WeWork Dubnov, wow!!! It was so cool. A whole building filled with startups, a cool atmosphere, free tapped beer on each floor and an amazing rooftop with a pingpong table. Not even knowing about my upcoming course, I was already convinced that this will be an awesome experience. WeWork is a worldwide company renting out office spaces for startups and smaller companies.

We were in class every day from 10:00-16:00. Except from our fantastic teacher Alex, we had trainers coming in almost every day telling us about their positions, experiences and the skills they master. It gave us a really cool and good insight in how different skills work in today’s industry, what they’re doing in their everyday life and about positions around the Digital Marketing field. Every different step we were taught was presented in a slideshow created in an intuitive way. And now after the course, we’ve got access to all of these slideshows presented online.

We created a project within the class in order to apply all the skills we learned on our idea. This project helped us to get a better overview and understanding of everything that we learned. My project was managed by three people: me, Riccardo from Rome, Italy and Eli from Atlanta, Georgia. Our group had a great dynamic and we came up with a lot of good and creative ideas for our project.

Startup-Wednesdays at Google Tel Aviv

During the course we twice went to startup-Wednesdays at Google in the Electra Tower. It was so cool. They served breakfast and had a coffee bar in the morning, delicious hamburgers for lunch and afternoon cupcakes. This was just an extra advantage on top of the fact that we got the opportunity to have one-on-one mentor sessions with industry experts, while enjoying a view of Tel Aviv from the 34th floor at the same time.


There was one interesting thing I discovered with myself during the course. Back home when I was in elementary and high school I always found myself never listening to the teachers. I couldn’t stay focused, instead, I found myself studying for every exam on my own from home. It was the only method that worked for me. But here at Elevation, I experienced something different, I was focused all the time. Listened to the trainers and Alex with full concentration and almost never lost my attention. I think one of the reasons for this was that this course was not like my past time in school. They made it interesting and really caught my attention in an amazing way. In addition to this, we were only six people in class which almost felt like we were taking a private class since we got so much help with everything.

During the course, I remember that we were told to choose the area of digital marketing we enjoyed the most. Back then I thought that something where I don’t have to write or be creative with words, will probably be the best fit for me since I’m not a native English speaker.

Reskill became Mypath – my first internship

After 10 amazing weeks with Elevation, it was time for me to spread my wings and enter the real life of a Digital Marketing intern. I got an internship at a company called Reskill, who changed their name to MyPath during my time interning for them. Mypath is a skill based agency, with the mission to help people pinpoint and develop the skills employers are seeking, with a goal for you to get your dream job.

In the beginning, I gave them a lot of feedback on their website since I was a new user with a new perspective. During my time there I was working to improve their SEO by making research in relevant keywords and creating articles for their blog about tech skills and career advice. I experienced that everything I’ve been doing during my internship would never be possible without the course I’ve been taking with Elevation Academy, I learned so many new skills.

Drastic changes

MyPath was a startup, as many other companies here in Tel Aviv. One day when I was coming back to the office after lunch, I discovered that the company decided to take a break. They didn’t get the funding they were expecting which resulted in a very limited budget. So there I was frustrated and lost without an internship place to work for.

After a few phone calls with Tlalim and Alex my teacher, we decide that I’m going to intern for Elevation Academy instead. And here I am today, writing an article about my hectic but amazing experience so far.

Great things happen when you least expect it

Originally my plan was to go back to Sweden after my program, work for the summer and then start university. Spontaneously I decided to apply for a job at Wix as a Product and Marketing Writer – Swedish, with the mindset that it can’t hurt to give it a try. As you understand I haven’t been to university yet, my only experience in this field was my course and internship with Elevation Academy. I went through a long application process which resulted in a job offer for the desired position. Amazing!!

Believe in yourself

As I mentioned earlier, I pretty quickly decided that writing wasn’t my thing. I’m not a native English speaker so I’ll probably find it hard to create content in English. And now, a month after the course ended I’ve got a job at Wix as a writer in Swedish. It’s amazing how your set of mind can change so quick. You always have to remember that anything is possible. Believe in yourself and continue to challenge yourself in order to realize and discover that you can achieve anything as long as you try and do your best.