Why Every Startup Needs a Digital Marketing Expert

While the original ‘tree falling’ version of this question is up for debate, the verdict’s out on the startup scenario: your startup must effectively reach a relevant audience with original messaging, or nearly all efforts for gaining new business will be for naught. Digital marketing can become a startup’s best friend and closest ally by exposing your brand to a targeted population and getting your foot in the door via an active and established web presence. Any digital marketing campaign needs to be thoughtfully planned and efficiently executed, which is where your in-house digital marketing manager comes in.

If you’ve yet to consider a dedicated marketing plan, or if you’re on the fence about determining the value of adding a digital marketing manager on board, read on to see how such an employee could work to your startup’s optimum benefit.

Effectively convey brand messaging

It’s critical for every team member to be on board and ‘gung-ho’ with your startup’s mission. Startups, as opposed to corporate or more established businesses, thrive on the energy and verve of its team members, where the company’s philosophy is more likely to be at the fore of all of its initiatives. By having a dedicated digital marketing expert on board, he/she will communicate passion for your brand, as well as its core mission, in a variety of digital mediums. All marketing initiatives should be consistent and well formulated, and a seasoned digital marketer can establish a coherent voice that’ll lead your brand with style. An in house marketing expert will also be up-to-date on the latest developments within your company, and can relay these happenings in a timely manner.


While some companies may opt to outsource their marketing initiatives to an established agency, startups should note that an in house marketing manager will almost always be a wiser long-term investment. First, outsourced work will likely cost more per project than having someone on your staff. Second, your in house marketer will be wholly in tune with your brand, its messaging, and its needs, whereas someone from a marketing agency would have (perhaps many) other clients to look after. Next, different initiatives (e.g. PR, content marketing, SEO) can likely add up quickly and will often require different persons of expertise across a number of projects. By hiring an in house marketing expert, your startup has the power to seek candidates who can potentially handle many or all of these branches of digital marketing (and more). In all, by dedicating your resources to a team member rather than a shifting group of rotating individuals, you’ll notice not only a greater return on investment but also a marketing plan that’ll consistently grow from within the company, rather than tangential to it.

Exposure for your startup

As harsh as it may sound, if your startup isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. Customers and investors are all online, all the time, and ‘Googling’ has turned into something akin to a reflex. Exposure is essential for establishing your startup as a worthy contender in your industry, and an online presence is the most pivotal point of such exposure. While your startup may be the best thing since sliced bread and you may have the most experienced developers around, you’ll be twiddling your fingers wasting valuable time if you’re not reaching your targeted audience. An in house digital marketing expert will not only understand the importance of your startup’s exposure, but will also know how to effectively implement marketing campaigns and garner buzz around your brand. He/she will know how to find your intended audience, how to effectively communicate with them, and how to retain them in order to establish steady, long-term brand loyalty.

Digital marketing is an art that can augment your existing business initiatives. A digital marketing expert within your employ could be the one ingredient missing from your startup’s success. An on-staff marketing manager will be at the ready to work on a well developed editorial calendar as well as to keep all founders and fellow employees up to speed with its marketing campaigns. As digital marketing is essential for growing your business, hiring a digital marketing expert would be a wise investment in order to garner marketing strengths and expertise within the fabric of your company.