Code On – A coder’s journey from oh no to ah ha!

There are few things in life more rewarding, and more elusive, than the “ah-ha!” moment.  It’s a mini epiphany that overloads you with dopamine as you revel in your own genius.

And yet, for three months I was in a room Read More

Coding Bootcamp vs. a Coding Degree: Choosing the Right Option for You

In today’s world, bringing your ideas to life has become a real possibility. Coding is as basic a language as English in order to work, create, and live the life you want. Whether you want to create your own idea, Read More

5 Reasons You Should Learn to Code Even If You Don’t Plan On Becoming A Programmer
Here’s why you should learn to code:

“To learn how to program or be programmed? That is my question.”
William Shakespeare, 21st century.

1. You can build early prototypes.

The best technology-driven startups have a “Show Me” mentality at Read More

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