Content Hacking

Create interesting content even for uninteresting products.

3 Day Workshop

Learn to create content for business results

Get hands on experience through learning by doing. Tell a story even for the most ‘boring’ and ‘regular’ products through a hands-on learning experience

Create a long term content strategy

The workshop will provide you best practices to understand your company’s market, master each marketing platform, and create short and long term strategies.

Measure and Optimize to reach your goals

Learn if your content works, where it works, when, and how to growth hack your way to evergreen content.


The Content Hacking three day workshop will give you focused and hands-on industry-based knowledge of hacking any company’s content strategy and execution. From identifying your brand’s identity and learning how to use existing materials to setting and achieving your content goals, 3 days will give you the content skills you need.

From good content to brilliant content: key principles and attributes of original, authentic and relevant content

Get the tools to understand and capture brand identity.

Understand which Platforms to use and how

How do you choose which platform to use? How do you customize your content to fit each platform and why?

How do you measure success?

Get practical tools to measure content success in each platform.


Bar is a Community Hacker and a Social Media expert. She works as a Community Manager & Leader at ‎Google Educator Group. Bar trains and develop local community leaders all over the country, setting up collaborative communities of educators, revolving innovative learning. in the past, Bar helped many companies set up marketing strategies, advertising, and digital branding plans.

Bar Umansky
Tel Aviv
Is this for me?

The workshop is tailored for Marketers, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers looking to sharpen their content skills.
Do people wait for your Facebook posts? Are 200 likes a walk in the park? Do you find that you inspire others? Is writing something that interests you? Join us.


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The shifter

This workshops offer you short, focused, and hands-on training to boost your career. Within 3 days you’ll learn and practice all the tools and methodologies that will help you create a winning Content Marketing plan. More similar workshops: Facebook Marketing, Community management, Programming for non-programmers. 

Still not sure?

We also have classes designed for professionals who wish to make a more dramatic change. Check out our evening courses: Digital Marketing, Product ManagementData Analysis and Coding Bootcamp

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In this hands on program you’ll learn and practice all the tools and methodologies that will help you create a winning Content Marketing plan.

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Dates and Tuition

Jul 04 - Jul 06

Wed-Fri | 9am - 5pm

Tel Aviv Campus

1,950 NIS

Jul 04 - Jul 06

Tel Aviv Campus |

1,950 NIS

Any Questions?
Why is this course relevant today?

Content marketing is dubbed as king as it is the most efficient way to create both organic and paid marketing long term. People today are looking for more than information about the product, they are looking to get an experience of buying, an experience of knowing.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

Sharpen your content marketing skills through this focused 2 day workshop.  You will learn:

  • What is content marketing and why is it so important?
  • How do you map your content strategy?
  • How do you use each channel and platform for content?
  • How do you research your market?
  • Best practices in writing
  • Optimizing your strategy
What is the course commitment?

3 Days.

Will I have to learn something before the course?

No. You need to have some basic writing skills and a passion for content.