Product Market Fit

The best way to rapidly test products to predict success.


A practical hands-on marketing workshop. that will give you the tools and experience of understanding product market fit.

Do people want your product?

Learn how to find out what consumers want. The course will provide practical tools including market research & A/B testing, consumer survey or polls and more.

Turn Your MVP into an MVT (Minimum Viable Test)

Learn the art of the Minimum Value Test. Gain the skills to rapidly test and validate your product market fit through a tested strategic system. Understand the value of rapid prototyping and responding to your consumers.

Hands-On Approach.

This 3 days workshop will provide you with hands-on experience aimed to provide a different learning environment so that you can implement each tool immediately.   


The Product Market Fit workshop is 3 days, totaling 15 hours, specifically focused on rapid idea testing and market fit.The workshop will provide practical tools and practices to test and assess the strengths or weaknesses of your future or current product. Gain skills to efficiently build your business plan; even first-time entrepreneurs can launch successful products by taking a few tactical (and often free) steps.


Scrum Testing

Learn to use the Scrum method to learn how best to test your product.

Turn your MVP into an MVT (Minimum Viable Test)

What is your minimum viable test? How do you create rapid prototypes to reach your full potential?

Growth Hacking Skills

Build converting landing pages, surveys and questionnaires.  Build on your marketing skills to understand your customers through customer interviews.


Ofir is a high energy learn-a-lot kinda guy.He founded 4 projects: P2P trade network for 2nd hand goods, B2B trade network, a successful restaurant, and a Marketing Agency. Ofir’s experience comes from acting as a telemarketer, salesman, social media marketer, CMO, and marketing automation. His recent position was Growth Director

Ofir Avigad
Tel Aviv
Is this for me?

The workshop is tailored for product managers, product marketers, digital marketers, growth hackers, business developers, strategists, and entrepreneurs.


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The shifter

This workshop offers you short, focused, and hands-on training to boost your career. Within three days you’ll gain new skills in the most advanced tech related professions. More similar workshops: Growth Hacking, Content Hacking, and Freelancers’ guide to the Business Galaxy.

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In this hands-on program you’ll learn and practice all the tools and methodologies that will help you create and successfully market a product.

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Dates and Tuition

Sep 13 - Sep 15

Wed-Fri | 9am - 5pm

Tel Aviv Campus

2,500 NIS

Sep 13 - Sep 15

Tel Aviv Campus |

2,500 NIS

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Why is this course relevant today?

It seems that everyone has an idea about the ‘next big thing’ but few people have the knowledge, skills and tools to make a product successful. This is where you come in: with the right skill set, tools, and mindset you can create a roadmap for success.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?
  • Learn to define a product success
  • Learn to understand your market deeply and thoroughly
  • Learn to implement testing techniques to ensure product- market fit
  • Understand how to use marketing and growth hacking techniques from a product perspective.
What is the course commitment?

3 days. 15 hours. Weds-Friday.

Will I have to learn something before the course?

No. You need to have some relevant background in either product, marketing, or entrepreneurship to truly enjoy the course and be able to implement everything you learn.